Multipurpose Boot



The Multi-Purpose Boot is designed to save time, energy and waste. It will enable you to move the grain from your hopper bottom bin to your truck. It sits level when it is in operation under your hopper bottom. It is big enough so if the grain auger shuts off The Multi-Purpose Boot will not overflow. It does not go over the edge and make a mess and it does not come out of the front of the tube. There are no straps or bottom clamps on The Multi-Purpose Boot. Instead, there is a tube for support.

There is an optional screen that can be placed on The Multi-Purpose Boot for screening fertilizer at seeding and banding time. The screen provides protection from foreign matter and lumps in your fertilizer. This eliminates your worries for further damage to equipment.

The Multi-Purpose Boot is big enough for unloading your grain truck at harvest time! The Multi-Purpose Boot is not designed for having the pressure of the grain box bending it while unloading. A chute is recommended.

The hopper is 32″ x 40″ and 22″ or 16″ for a total weight of 45 pounds.

There is a lid that slides on to prevent moisture from entering The Multi-Purpose Boot while not in use.

The Multi-Purpose Boot is tapered so that all the product is augered out leaving a minimum amount of clean up.

You can cut the hole to fit your size of auger, with or without a safety cage, up to 14″ x 22″ long.

For the moisture coming down the grain auger, The Multi-Purpose Boot has an optional tarp cover, just strap it around the auger and a strap around the tube of the Multi-Purpose Boot and no moisture will get in.

The Multi-Purpose Boot has a new feature. If you cut it on top of the bottom track, it will now be 16″ high and the lid will still fit.

If 16″ is too low and 22″ is too high – simply cut it to the desired height. It does not have a track for the lid to slide on.

Cut a 2 x 4 so that it is the same size as the Plastic Tracking System. Bolt or screw the cut 2 x 4 to each side of the Boot. The lid will now track this. It should now be the height that you need.

Other uses for The Multi-Purpose Boot: Hopper Cars; Gravity Boxes; Semi-Trailers; Grain Dryers; Transfer Augers.

The Boot is designed to save time, energy and waste. It will enable you to move the last remaining bushels of grain to the truck using your auger. No more carrying buckets of grain to the truck.

There are no straps or bolts or clamps on The Boot and it will fit on any auger up to 8″. The Boot is 32″ long x 12″ wide x 16″ high and weights 8.5 pounds. It is made of a strong, durable, industrial plastic and has six, 3″ holes on top as a safety measure.

As a safety precaution, the auger must be shut off before installing or removing the boot on the auger.

The grain is easily shoved into The Boot and then moved through the auger to the truck. When you are satisfied with the clean up of the bin floor … you are finished. Just dump the remainder of the grain that is left in The Boot into the truck.

With your bins cleaned safely you and your family have more time on your hands for the harvest run.

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