Tractor Stalk Stomper With & Without Mounts

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Works off of existing tractor hydraulics

• Use an existing open remote to control the stalk stompers, allowing
independent control and float operation.
• Plumb a Tee into existing implement lines so that the stompers
raise and lower automatically with your implement.

Kit is built around a standard 4” x 4” toolbar

You have the option to supply your own 4’’ x 4’’ toolbar or you can
purchase through May Wes. (oversize shipping charges will apply.)

No drilling or welding required!

Designed for quick assembly and don’t typically require welding or drilling.

Row-crop Configuration

Great for knocking down stalks when planting in no-till applications.

Tractor Stalk Stomper With Mounts

Tractor Stalk Stomper Without Mounts


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